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The President her for Attorney General.

Someone has to tell her the truth—I you.

We her for player of the year.

Many in the acting categories also are up for their very first Emmy.
omar sanchez , The Hollywood Reporter , "Emmy Polls: Who Should Win?," 12 July 2018
Shifting to the right Donald Trump Brett Kavanaugh to be Anthony Kennedy’s replacement on the Supreme Court.
The Economist , "Politics this week," 12 July 2018
On the evening of Monday, July 9, President Donald Trump Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court.
mackenzie long , Teen Vogue , "Brett Kavanaugh Announced as President Trump's Supreme Court Nominee," 10 July 2018
Current Time 0:00 / Duration 1:03 Get to know Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh Advertisement President Donald Trump Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy on Monday night.
peter dawson , star-telegram , "How did President Trump's latest Supreme Court nominee rule on the Dez Bryant 'catch'?," 10 July 2018
In 2003, Bush Kavanaugh to be a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, widely seen as a steppingstone to the Supreme Court.
ann e. marimow , The Seattle Times , "From Clinton to Trump: How Kavanaugh navigated through some of Washington’s biggest scandals," 9 July 2018
President Donald Trump Monday night Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a Washington insider, to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy in what could be the most important appointment to the Supreme Court in a generation.
andrew wolfson , The Courier-Journal , "President Trump passes over Kentuckian Amul Thapar for Supreme Court," 9 July 2018
Trump hasn’t a science adviser to fill Holdren’s job.
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President Reagan Mas Canosa to chair the Advisory Board for Broadcasting to Cuba.
christopher marquis , miamiherald , "Jorge Mas Canosa dead at 58," 15 June 2018

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'nominate.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Womens Paulina OpenToe Sandals Kurt Geiger niyEqJNKUU

Gertie Millar and Robert Evett in by Oscar Straus

The most significant composer of operetta in the German language was the Austrian Johann Strauss, Jr. (1825-1899). His first work in this genre was Indigo und die vierzig Räuber (1871). It was his third operetta, Die Fledermaus (1874), which became the most performed operetta in the world and remained his most popular stage work. Its libretto was based on a comedy written by Offenbach's librettists. In fact, Strauss may have been convinced to write the operetta by Offenbach himself although it is now suggested that it may have been his first wife, Henrietta Treffz who repeatedly encouraged Strauss to try his hand at writing for the theater. In all, he wrote 16 operettas and one opera in his lifetime, mostly with great success when first premiered although they are now largely forgotten, since his later librettists were not very talented and he worked for some of the time independent of the plot. His operettas, waltzes, polkas , and marches often have a strongly Viennese style and his great popularity has caused many to think of him as the national composer of Austria. In fact, when his stage works were first performed, the Theater an der Wien never failed to draw huge crowds, and after many of the numbers the audience would noisily call for encores.

Franz von Suppé, a contemporary of Strauss, closely modeled his operettas after Sale Francy Polka Dot ZipUp Sneakers Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Golden Goose NPESuRqB
. The Viennese tradition was carried on by Franz Lehár, Oscar Straus, Carl Zeller, Karl Millöcker, Leo Fall, Richard Heuberger, Edmund Eysler, Ralph Benatzky, Robert Stolz, Emmerich Kálmán, Nico Dostal, and Sigmund Romberg in the twentieth century.

Did you know?
English language operettas by Gilbert and Sullivan were originally known as "comic operas" to distinguish them from French and German operettas

The height of English-language operetta (at the time known in England as comic opera to distinguish it from French or German operetta) was reached by Gilbert and Sullivan , who had a long-running collaboration in distressed tartan trousers Blue Vivienne Westwood 1V3prG
during the logo patch slider sandals Fendi YvUgU8cCW
. With W.S. Gilbert writing the libretto and Sir Arthur Sullivan composing the music , the pair produced 14 "comic operas" together, most of which were enormously popular in both Britain and elsewhere, especially the United States, and remain popular to this day. Works such as H.M.S. Pinafore , The Pirates of Penzance , and The Mikado continue to enjoy regular performances and even some film adaptations. These comic operas influenced the later American operettas, such as those by Victor Herbert, and musical comedy .

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Resentment Causes, Consequences, Cures

Posted on: 08-12-2013 by: Don Olund

As a relationship, communication specialist I spend a vast majority of my day working with couples and/or families who face challenges in sustaining healthy relationships. They often seek my services to help them learn how to communicate, find respect, resolve conflicts, and form meaningful connections. I enjoy working in this arena because change is possible.

Indeed, my work is often very fulfilling. In the years of my work, I have witnessed dramatic and pervasive change in relationships that barely had a pulse when they arrived. It is amazing to watch what happens when individuals use the tools and make choices that promote positive change. Our motto at LifeWork Counseling is:

Not only do clients learn from me but I also learn from them. One of the lessons I have learned in my work with clients is that tools cannot do their job if resentment is in the way. Tools are tools. They perform a function. However, if resentment exists in one or both individuals, they are not likely to pick up the tools and use them.

Resentment fuels resistance. Resistance is a major foe counseling professionals face in our work with clients. More importantly, resistance is a major contributor to relationships in a rut. It lays underneath the surface and in a stealth-mode quietly informs behavior. This is why partners often do not do what they know they should.

Resentment is a condition that usually builds over time. It is imperceptible at first, but over time develops layers as disappointments mount and nothing changes. Here are a few causes I often observe in couple/family relationships. This is not a comprehensive list, but highlights some of the major contributors. Place a check next to the ones that apply to your experience.

Individuals who are the primary givers and rarely the receivers in relationships are likely to form resentment over time. Why? Their basic needs within the relationship are being ignored! Healthy relationships are based on reciprocity, give and take. If you are giving but not taking, you are in a one-sided relationship. This needs to be addressed or the resentment will ruin you.

Adjustment is an important task in the early stage of relationships. Here is where couples learn how to live together and develop a rhythm of relationship. Accommodation is a key element in the adjustment phase and throughout the course of life together. Mutual accommodation is the solution. Everyone has certain little things they like or don’t like that they make known to their partner. These little things matter to them. If they do, then they should matter to the partner. When a spouse/partner dismisses these little things as being “ridiculous”, “stupid” or “a pain in the butt” they are conveying a negative message to their partner that wounds a fundamental need within everyone– “I matter.” Over the course of time, the little thing becomes a big message – “I don’t matter enough to you.”

For some individuals, letting go and forgiving an offense is a difficult thing to do. Typically, these are people who operate with strict rules for themselves and others. They tend to exhibit a form of rigidity and perfectionism. Consequently, they become punitive toward others who violate their rules and standards. Unfortunately, there is little “wiggle room” for mistakes. They may take great offense at minor offenses. The offender is in detention and may experience a coldness from their partner. These individuals struggle with forgiveness. “I forgive, but will never forget!” Over the course of time, resentment builds on both sides of the relationship. The “holding on” person is unforgiving and resentful. The “forever guilty” person thinks they are never good enough and will develop resentment over time.

In the course of time together couples/families experience things that interrupt the pursuit of their dreams. Various types of problems: loss of employment/business, bad investments/spending habits, untimely death, chronic illness, addictions, or misaligned priorities, to name a few. Over the years, disappointment and unhappiness turn into resentment. Individuals wonder if they should stay together or be better off on their own.

Resentment serves a basic function in relationships. Distance. It establishes physical and emotional space between people. It is aself-protectivemeasure designed to avoid harm. “I won’t let you hurt me.” It is also apunitivemeasure designed to pay back. “You hurt me, so I will hurt you back.” Unfortunately, unchecked resentment harms both parties and places the relationship at risk for further erosion. Here are some consequences of resentment you may want to consider.

If resentment equates with distance, forget about connection. It is hard to achieve. Resentment creates a gap between people that communication tools can only fix if the resentful party will pick them up. Remember, “belonging” is a basic human need with which we are born. Resentment deprives you of this basic need.

Unresolved conflicts result from resentment. The emotional and physical distance sets the stage for further conflicts, more harm, and deeper resentment. See where this pattern leads? Not good.

The person with resentment places the relationship in an adversarial position. The resented partner may want to resolve the problems. However, if the person with resentment holds on to it, the partner is in a double-bind. They want to come close to resolve, but are pushed away when they do.

Unfortunately, the person who is affected most by resentment is the person who holds it. Resentment is a negative sentiment that deprives the individual of personal happiness and fulfillment in relationships. Over time, resentment can skew an individual’s view about relationships in general. They may find it difficult to trust others and therefore may struggle to engage in close relationships. Resentment may create walls so insular that some people never allow themselves to experience true intimacy.

Now that you know some of the causes and consequences of resentment you are probably wondering what cures it. I wish I could offer you a serum to ease the discomfort of resentment. If the cure was this simple, people would be lining up at my door to purchase some! Actually, the cure for resentment comes from within, not from without. Don’t wait for the person who causes resentment to remove it. The decision is up to you. Here is the cure.

If you are reading this article and you see resentment in yourself toward a family member admit it. Don’t minimize or justify it. Resentment is not something others give you. You choose to be resentful. Admit it and you have taken the first step in finding the cure.

Who is being harmed by your resentment? Does it rob you of enjoyment? Does it keep you up at night? Resentment not only harms the intended target, but it hurts you worse. Acknowledge the harm done by resentment and you will likely do something about it.

Are you in a one-sided relationship? If so, you are being deprived of a fundamental need for belonging and care from another. We enter relationships to experience a meaningful bond with another. It is a connection that conveys the message “you matter”. If this is not happening, I recommend you address this problem head on. On the other hand, if you are a person who holds on and does not let go of things easily you need to take a hard look at this pattern. Your rigidity and stubbornness is stifling your relationships. Perhaps there is an underlying fear or false belief that gets in the way.. If you don’t address this, it will deprive you of happiness.

Do something about your resentment. Don’t let it remain unchecked in your life. Perhaps you need to talk with a counselor to get at the root cause. Maybe you need help processing what to do about a one-sided relationship you are in. If your problem is holding on and not letting go of offenses, it would serve you well to get help with this pattern in your life. There are better solutions to your problems than resorting to resentment. Remember, in the end it hurts you the most.

I hope this article helps you learn how to deal with resentment. If you think this will help someone you know who is struggling in this area, I encourage you to forward them this article. If we at LifeWork Counseling can help you in your battle with resentment, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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