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Meanwhile, Jack Brooksbank's grandmother had a lot of thoughts on the matter, musing: "I do know that they’re now not going to get married in September. He [Jack] said ‘We can’t get married in September now so we will have to get married in October. They [the Royal family] have got something else going on then I think so they couldn’t. So he just said that if they can’t get married in September they will have to get married in October." COOL, GOT IT!

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Getty Images

St George's Chapel in Windsor. Or, as you probably know it, the place Meghan and Harry literally just got married. That's not awkward or anything! It'll be fine! Eugenie's wedding is also a big deal and don't you dare say otherwise!

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If your answer to this poll was "soz, who are we talking about?" Eugenie has this to say to you:

Getty Images

Per the , Eugenie will keep her royal title post-wedding (she's a princess!) and will have the option to take her husband's last name. Meaning, she could be referred to as Princess Eugenie Brooksbank.

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We likely won't find out who's designing Eugenie's dress until the big day, but she did confirm in an engagement interview that she's staying away from "meringue shoulders," as "that's a bit unfashionable." Wow, shade to Diana's gown, but guess I'll get over it.

According to Hello Magazine circa Meghan and Harry's wedding, planning is a job that The Lord Chamberlain's Office at Buckingham Palace takes on—with the help of the bride and groom, of course! FYI, The Guardian reports that this wedding will be paid for privately "except for the security provisions" (which presumably fall on the British tax payer.)

Strong possibility that we will get to see the York tiara back in action this autumn! It's been decades, as it was last worn by Sarah, Duchess of York.

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Like Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, Eugenie will likely whip out a tiara on her big day. WHICH tiara, you ask? Unclear, but possibly the York tiara—which Eugenie's mother Sarah Ferguson wore to her wedding.

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"Traditionally when brides get married, they normally wear the family tiara, which in this case would be the York Tiara," royal expert Grant Harrold told The Daily Mail , adding that the headpiece was "believed to be gifted to Princess Eugenie's mother, The Duchess of York, on the occasion of her wedding to Prince Andrew in 1986 by The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh."

Richard D'Oyly Carte died in 1901, and his widow, Helen , continued to direct the activities of the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company at the Savoy and on tour. Gilbert went into semi-retirement, although he continued to direct revivals of the Savoy Operas and wrote new plays occasionally. Between 1906 and 1909, he assisted Mrs. Carte in staging two repertory seasons at the Savoy Theatre. These were very popular and revived interest in the works. [92] Gilbert was knighted during the first repertory season. Flat slingback sandals in Italian leather with canvas trims BOSS 59DZ04bG
After Sullivan's death, Gilbert wrote only one more comic opera, Fallen Fairies (1909; music by Edward German ), which was not a success. [82] [94]

Gilbert died in 1911, and Richard's son, Womens 047413 Trainers Navy Xti sRoacR6s
, took over the opera company upon his step-mother's death in 1913. His daughter, Bridget , inherited the company upon his death in 1948. The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company toured nearly year-round, except for its many London seasons and foreign tours, performing exclusively the Gilbert and Sullivan operas, until it closed in 1982. During the 20th century, the company gave well over 35,000 performances. Womens Intrinsic Tr Trainers Black Black/Black Ecco Ba3JV
[96] The Savoy operas, from the beginning, were produced extensively in North America and Australasia, and soon afterwards in Germany, Russia, and elsewhere in Europe and around the world. [97]

1921 cartoon of Gilbert and Sullivan audiences

In 1922, Sir Henry Wood explained the enduring success of the collaboration as follows:

Sullivan has never had an equal for brightness and drollery, for humour without coarseness and without vulgarity, and for charm and grace. His orchestration is delightful: he wrote with full understanding of every orchestral voice. Above all, his music is perfectly appropriate to the words of which it is the setting.... He found the right, the only cadences to fit Gilbert's happy and original rhythms, and to match Gilbert's fun or to throw Gilbert's frequent irony, pointed although not savage, into relief. Sullivan's music is much more than the accompaniment of Gilbert's libretti, just as Gilbert's libretti are far more than words to Sullivan's music. We have two masters who are playing a concerto. Neither is subordinate to the other; each gives what is original, but the two, while neither predominates, are in perfect correspondence. This rare harmony of words and music is what makes these operas entirely unique. They are the work not of a musician and his librettist nor of a poet and one who sets his words to music, but of two geniuses. [98]


My beautiful big sissy!

A post shared by Princess Eugenie (@princesseugenie) on

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“As my big sister, you inspire me," Princess Eugenie recently stated during a speech at the 2018 We Day UK Charity Concert. "I love that, as a team, we work hard to support each other – no matter what."

Meghan Markle notably went without a MOH , but Kate Middleton of course had her sister Pippa helping out on her big day.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte did such a good job at Aunt Meghan's wedding there's a solid chance they'll reprise their roles again. Prince William and Kate Middleton's two oldest children will accompany Princess Eugenie down the aisle, an anonymous source told Express .

Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Theodora Rose Williams, Maud Windsor, and Ines de Givenchy will reportedly join Princess Charlotte as flower girls. Ines's brother Louis de Givenchy will also serve as a page boy with Prince George, Express claims.

Theodora Rose Williams, Maud Windsor, and Ines de Givenchy Louis de Givenchy

Meghan Markle became a duchess when she married into the royal family, but it's unlikely that Jack Brooksbank will receive the same favor. Prince Andrew previously denied reports that he wanted earldoms for his future sons-in-law, calling the rumors "a complete fabrication" in 2016.

It's not supposed to count as a slight; Princess Eugenie isn't a "working royal" who carries out official engagements. She's also farther down in the line of succession at ninth. That comes with a pro; the couple didn't need the Queen's permission to wed.

Princess Eugenie and Mr. Jack Brooksbank were photographed earlier today following the announcement of their engagement.

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As for Princess Eugenie, the bride could slightly change her title when she marries by opting to add on her husband's surname. That would make her "Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie , Mrs. Jack Brooksbank." TBD on what she decides to do, but either way she'll always remain a member of the royal family.

Getty Images Tim Graham
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Will Princess Eugenie follow in her mother's footsteps? The Duchess of York walked down the aisle wearing an enormous flower crown, but after signing the wedding register with Prince Andrew she removed the wreath to reveal a brand-new tiara . The specially created diadem came as a gift from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, and Fergie kept it after her divorce.

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> Featured Congressional Documents > Reagan's Nomination of O'Connor

Featured Document: President Ronald Reagan's Nomination of Sandra Day O'Connor to be Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, August 19, 1981

Featured Document:

Sandra Day O'Connor was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Reagan on August 19, 1981, thus fulfilling his 1980 campaign promise to appoint the first woman to the highest court in the United States. At the time of her nomination, the fifty-one year old O'Connor was a judge in the Arizona Court of Appeals and had a distinguished career to her credit. She had served as Arizona's Assistant Attorney General in the Arizona Senate, where she was the first female state Senate majority leader in the country, and as a judge of the Maricopa County Superior Court.

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O'Connor's nomination illustrates how the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches function together. As the document shows, President Reagan nominated her to replace retiring Justice Potter Stewart. The nomination then went to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which conducted hearings to evaluate her qualifications. While the Judiciary Committee was impressed with her knowledge and intelligence, O'Connor's nomination was also supported by prominent Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona, and Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist. After the hearings were completed, the full Senate voted to confirm O'Connor on September 21, 1981 by a vote of 99-0.

O'Connor went on to serve on the Supreme Court for a quarter century, where she had a major influence on the court's decisions. As a moderate, she often provided the deciding vote on many of the court's cases. She also helped inspire a generation of women to pursue careers in law—when O'Connor was appointed, thirty-six percent of law school students were women; by the time she retired from the court in 2006 that percentage had risen to forty-eight percent.

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